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To order tickets for the train Tambov - Kozhlya or buy a plane ticket please check the full schedule of flights. There are travel options with a change in Курск. Of Tambov Kursk daily runs 2 bus. The average duration of a trip by bus - 3 h 46 mins. Distance Курск - Кожля of 44 km. Use local buses. The distance Tambov - Kozhlya in a straight line is about 416 km. To see the routes of buses and trains Tambov - Kozhlya on the map and see the road map, press the "show map". To buy a ticket, select a flight and click the "Buy" button.

Route Departure
from Tambov
in Kozhlya
Time in way Ticket price
20:00 Tambov 23:46 Kursk
in way ~5 h 30 mins
~5 h 30 mins
(с трансфером ~1 h 40 mins )
(+ цена трансфера неизвестна)
via Kursk 5 h 32 mins
5 h 32 mins
| на карте
| на карте
v. Kozhlya
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Distance Tambov - Kozhlya as the crow flies = 416 km (по дорогам = 445 km )